5 Key Insights to Guarantee Business Success with any Niche, Brand or Product

Well, what a wonderful way to start the week after returning from holiday (a week’s skiing in France with my eldest son, a fantastic time was had by all!). As part of my prize for winning the Firepole Marketing “Marketing That Works” contest back in January I was invited to guest post on the Firepole Marketing site and be introduced to their 20,000 readers. Wow, talk about a bonus and an honour! Read my Guest Post here:

5 Key Insights To Guarantee Business Success With Any Niche, Brand or Product


Danny Iny, one of the co-founders of Firepole Marketing, is a great writer and has built up his business and blog from nothing to mega-success in little over a year. So, you could do worse than to visit his site and learn from the man himself. Thanks Danny for this great opportunity.

Here is the email I received on returning home:

Happy Sunday, Cassie!
I’m writing today because I’d like to make an introduction.
As you may remember, back in January we ran the Marketing That Works Ideas contest on Firepole Marketing. Lots of marketers submitted ideas, and we picked the 20 best ones to feature on the blog.
We ranked them based on the interest our readers showed in them, and then our readers voted to pick a winner.
The person that I’d like to introduce you to is Cassie Hicks (@CashMachineGal on Twitter). She won the contest, and she’s got a guest post on our blog today, called 5 Key Insights to Guarantee Business Success with any Niche, Brand or Product.
That’s it, just thought you might enjoy it – a little light Sunday reading. :-)
Have a great rest of the weekend,
Danny Iny



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  1. Cassie
    3 years ago

    Thanks for commenting Vivian. It’s important to be perceived as an expert if you want to build trust.

  2. Vivian
    3 years ago

    Thanks for the link! I’m agree with you that influence is really important. If you’re the authority of your niche, people will definitely trust your words and opinions!

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