The 6 Rules of A Rich Woman

With thanks to Kim Kiyosaki at This article neatly sums up the Women’s Way To Wealth philosophy. 

Don’t change your dream lifestyle to fit your income; change your income to suit your dream lifestyle.


The Rules of a Rich Woman

1. I am “financially intelligent.” I acquire knowledge, and then I apply the knowledge acquired.

2. My assets pay for my liabilities.

3. I do not live below my means (I expand my means to create the life I want).

Being a Rich Woman is about expanding who you are. It’s about being more of who you are today, not less. It’s about bringing out the big spirit that you are, not dampening the light. Creating the life that you want does not mean downsizing to a less expensive home or a cheaper car. It does not mean counting every penny you spend and clipping coupons. It definitely does not include giving up your mocha lattes or, heaven forbid, cutting up your credit cards. None of these things inspires the women I know.
Instead we focus on growing our means to afford the lifestyle we want and deserve. This also means a lifestyle not dependent on our job or profession for income.

4. I focus on acquiring assets (while most focus on acquiring income).

5. I surround myself with like-minded people who support me in achieving my goals.

6. I teach and empower other women to be financially secure and independent Rich Women.

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