Are You Ready For The New Facebook Timeline?

As you may know Facebook changed all Fan Pages over to the new Timeline design on 31st March. You can see the Women’s Way To Wealth fan page here:


For the most part, the main thing you need to do immediately is to resize your graphics to fit the new template.

Timeline graphic sizes

Cover photo (the large banner picture at the top of the page) is 180 pixels x 540 pixels

The Thumbnail is 32 x 32 pixels

Admin Panel

The Admin panel is where you track your visitors, friends, receive and send messages. You also use the admin panel to organise your photos and tabs and its where you control what your visitors see and how they interact with you.

Here is a screen shot showing showing the WWTW admin panel (it is hidden on the screen above). You can see I have Messages (direct messages from other users), Notifications (alerting me to new comments and posts), New Likes and Insights (usage stats). You can also see from the graph below the impact of posting on your page. Every purple dot is a blog post and the green and blue lines show the reach and reaction from your fans.


If you had a fan page it will now have been automatically converted to this new format. If not, it’s just as easy to set up a fan page from and click on “Create page” in the top right corner:


The Good News

For those of you that had a fan page which has now been converted, the good news is that all of your content, pictures and tabs are there. Nothing has been removed although the page does look rather different. There is more of an emphasis on visual content and Facebook is encouraging us to use more photos and videos with the new format. (Side note: This ties in well with the upsurge in use of  Pinterest which is very visually focussed too, and you can tie the two together to strengthen your brand and spread your message).

The Challenges

Generally, it’s just a matter of getting to grips with the new design and making your page a) look the best it can be and b) learning how to optimise your page to meet your business goals, whether that’s attracting visitors, promoting a special offer or webinar or driving traffic to your website.

My challenge is to work out how to tailor my welcome page – which used to be the landing page for any new visitors to the Women’s Way To Wealth fan page. The page is still there but is now just showing up as another graphics button so I need to reorder it to appear first on my timeline and amend the graphics to promote my free ecourse (and link to Women’s Way To Wealth). I will produce a video when I’ve worked out how to do this and can show you!

A Quick Guide To Setting Up Your New Facebook Page

For now, if you want a clear and easy to follow guide on using the new Facebook Timeline this hubspot has some great “fluff-free” information. The Complete Guide To Setting Up The New Facebook Page Design

Do leave a comment and let me know how your new Facebook page is coming along and what you think of the new timeline look. And do please LIKE the Women’s Way To Wealth page if you’ve found this post useful.

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