5 Legit Ways Guaranteed To Get Money Quick Online

If you need to get money quick there are plenty of legitimate ways to earn it online.

There are two basic ways to achieve this. The first is to find a hungry market with a specific problem, and provide a solution to that problem. The second is to earn money leveraging your skills and talents. The beauty of the internet is that, in either scenario, there is such a huge market and you only need to tap into a tiny piece of it to generate money.

You might not get rich or build a big business, but you can earn some extra money to pay the bills, put down a deposit on that holiday you’ve been longing for, or just to relieve the typical end of paycheck cash crunch.

Here are my top five honest, legitimate, real ways to get money quick online:

1) Freelancing (Find Paid Online Work Fast)

Freelancing is a great way to find work quickly and leverage your skills. Explore the freelance marketplaces, such as eLance, odesk, guru, Freelancer, Peopleperhour and Craigslist. These sites have thousands of jobs posted across all disciplines and expertise, so you can choose the one that suits you best and get busy bidding for work

Choose from a myriad of short, medium and long term jobs or pick individual tasks or projects. Using established freelance marketplaces means your payments are secure as you invoice through the sites. This protects you as well as your income. You can charge an hourly or “per job” rate and take on as many or as few jobs as you like. The work is carried out from the comfort of your own home and you’ll utilise email and skype to communicate with your clients.
Jobs range from simple data entry to more complex programming jobs, and everything inbetween. A wide range of skills are in demand, from writing, commenting on forums and blogs, tweeting, marketing, design, administrative work, IT and any job that can be outsourced. Internet marketing tasks are a good way to get money quick as you can position yourself as a outsource option for creating backlinks, writing blog posts and articles and a myriad other tasks.

2) Social Media (Get Paid to Tweet, Share on Facebook)

An extension of freelancing is to position yourself as a social media marketing expert. Whether offering social media services online or to your local market, you’ll find people willing to pay you to tweet to your Twitter followers or share with your Facebook friends, or even easier than that you can just tweet and share affiliate links to different products and collect a commission on each sale.
Local businesses often struggle with having an online presence so this is a great opportunity to step in and help them. Charging $1,000 a month for creating and maintaining an online presence on Facebook is not unreasonable and will boost their sales while giving you a quick and regular income.

3) Fiverr (Create Five Dollar Gigs)

Fiverr is a service-based marketplace where you offer gigs for $5. Gigs range from the mundane, such as admin and basic internet marketing tasks, to social media tasks, such as writing articles and commenting on forums, to the downright weird.
Other gigs you could consider offering include social marketing tasks, web or logo design, audio and video services, local services, such as posting cards from your city, to singing telegrams.

4) Turn PLR Into Cash (Use existing content to get money quickly)

For quick products that you can sell instantly, consider using private label rights content to create products that you sell using social media. This is content that has been created elsewhere and is available for you to put your name to and use as your own. With a small amount of tweaking to repurpose the content for your own market you can have a product to sell almost instantly.

Pick a popular product at the right time and you can make some quick cash. For example, prior to Valentine’s Day promote relationship-related products and promote to young singles on Facebook or Twitter. In the Spring, promote wedding-related products, prior to Christmas, decorating tips or wrapping ideas on Pinterest, in the ski season, skiing “how to” videos on YouTube, in the Summer, lawn care products. You get the idea.

Use blogs and forums to find where your target market congregates, contribute to the community with some useful posts, and then let your market know about your product and how it can help them.
With a little imagination and planning you can get money quick online AND build a list of customers who will buy from you time and time again.

5) Affiliate Marketing (Promote others’ products)

To find products to promote join an affiliate network such as ClickBank, Commission Junction or Amazon that give you access to thousands of different products.

You can then promote these on social networks. Twitter and Facebook are the easiest and largest to use.

The secret is to find a hungry market with a specific problem (for example, young singles looking for love). Then use Technorati and the Facebook group search to find out where they congregate, i.e. the most popular dating blogs and forums.

Get involved in the community by posting a few valuable posts and comments, and then offer your product to them. This can be done either in your signature line or in the body of your post. Most blogs and forums allow you to include a link to your site or affiliate products in your signature line. If you make your posts useful you can recommend the product you’re promoting in a non-salesy way. People won’t like you if you are obviously only on the forum to sell something so make sure your contributions are helpful and then a relevant product recommendation will be well received. Find a big enough forum, group or blog and you only need a small percentage of its members to respond to generate some decent affiliate commissions.

Start today – ideally before you need that urgent cash injection – and put some of these money making methods to work. Combine strategies for a consistent and on-going source of cash.

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  1. Cassie
    3 years ago

    Hi Nicole, thanks for commenting. Fiverr is a great way to make some money quickly but you’re right, you probably won’t get rich with Fiverr alone. It’s a great way to generate some quick cash while you build a more sustainable business though. And, it seems anything goes! So get creative with your ideas and what you can offer.

  2. Nicole
    3 years ago

    In my opinion, Fiverr is the fastest and easiest way to earn money quick, but you won’t be able to get rich with Fiverr alone. Nevertheless, it’s a great platform to earn some money for you to invest on your online business :)

  3. Jeremy Ruggles
    3 years ago

    Hi Cassie,

    These are all great way to make money online. I think it would be a good idea starting out freelancing or using Fiverr to start making money while you learn and build your web property to begin making some money using affiliate marketing or Social media marketing.

    Thanks for sharing!


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