Five Good Business Ideas For Women Entrepreneurs That You Can Start Today

good business ideasThe idea of generating your own income is very appealing, especially if you have the drive and ambition to start your own business and turn your ideas into income. However small or large your entrepreneurial dreams, there are plenty of good business ideas you can explore.

Forget the “Get Rich Quick” schemes and the scams and focus on creating your own business doing something you love. While there are good business ideas that have made money for some you need to find a business that excites and energises you. With the right motivation and a sound business idea you’ll have the tools to build a profitable long term business.

Try one of these five Good Business Ideas for women entrepreneurs and see if any of them resonate with you:

  1. Virtual Services

With the massive increase in outsourcing (by individuals and companies), there are many opportunities to offer virtual services. This means you can work at home and provide services such as admin, writing, marketing, design, information technology or social media to companies. Either on a project basis or as a virtual p.a.(personal assistant), marketing officer or social media expert. Find your niche and get the word out there. I know a number of people who’ve started their virtual business with a Facebook page and are doing really well now. They haven’t paid for any staff, offices, websites or other overheads. They’ve started by promoting their service (without spending a penny) and building their businesses up from there.

As a virtual P.A you will handle all the tasks a PA would, logging expenses into a spreadsheet, booking trips, organising calendars, booking training, preparing materials for presentations and events, but based at your own home.

With systems and tools such as google docs, dropbox and other online sharing tools, you can easily share information and provide documents, spreadsheets and reports remotely for your clients.

  1. Freelancing

Freelancers work for themselves offering professional services, and set their own hours and rates. Typical freelance work includes writing, graphic design, interior design, event planning and organising, wedding planning, children’s party planning and so on.

As a freelance writer you can offer to write articles, reports, edit content, post blog comments, handle forum marketing, provide blogging, tweeting or content for websites.

If you have knowledge of seo (search engine optimisation) you can provide a service building backlinks for your clients’ websites and blogs. Or help small businesses to rank in google for that all important first page listing. You may not be an expert but you probably have more time to learn, and expertise, than they do!

Find clients by promoting your services on a Facebook fan page and by contributing to relevant discussions on blogs, forums and social media groups. LinkedIn is very powerful for professional services, and Facebook for more social or “people related” businesses. Or you can find freelance work through sites such as Elance, Guru or Peopleperhour.

  1. Marketing For Local Businesses

Use your skills and experience to offer services to local businesses. If you have even the most basic marketing, online or social media skills you can offer to be their marketing or social media expert. Charge on a per job, hourly or monthly retainer rate, depending on your local market and the expertise you’re offering.

Many local businesses are good at what they do but struggle to find new clients and promote their business effectively online. Stop in and chat with some local businesses and show them how you can help them get more customers, by improving their online marketing or social media.

A good tip is to get the local papers, school, church and parish newsletters and see which companies are advertising. Contact them and chat with them about how you can help them get more business, or save money.

  1. Consulting or Coaching

If you’re transitioning out of the corporate world you may want to consider consulting or coaching before taking the full leap into starting a new business – or rebranding yourself as an expert in your new field. My advice?

If you want to consult, just start consulting. Get a $10 domain, set up a one-page WordPress site, set up a Facebook Fan Page and LinkedIn profile and describe what you do. Then get the word out wherever you can. Be highly specific about the kind of service you provide and how you help people. The more generic, the less valuable. Also, make it easy for people to pay you—rather than require people to contact you for a quote, and potentially miss out on a lot of business.

Offer packages at different levels: A low-entry price for a “no-frills” basic service, mid-entry for those wanting to fast-track their success, and a high-end one-to-one coaching and mentoring package, for example. Put a PayPal payment button on your site and shortcut the sales process.

  1. Online Business

Online businesses are booming and women with entrepreneurial flair are finding opportunities like never before. Start with a hobby, skill or something you feel passionate about and look at ways to make money from it. If you need help getting started, or deciding which of your ideas will generate the most money, download the 12-Step BluePrint To Making Money From Home. By working through the self-analysis exercises you’ll discover which of your skills you can monetize and how to put your plans into action.

Good business ideas include becoming an infopreneur. Create information products to share your ideas and experiences with others to help them solve a problem, or meet a need. Once you’ve created your information products and sales page (all you need is a one-page website or Fan page) you can set the business up to run on autopilot.  Consider offering your services online by way of a blog, community or forum website, membership site, ebooks, reports, newsletters or online training.

Information can be provided in instantly downloadable formats so customers get the information they want straight away, and you make money every time your product is downloaded.

An information business is easy to set-up, low risk and you can test your ideas on a small scale before creating more comprehensive products. Promote affiliate products to test your market or make money selling products on Ebay or Amazon.

If you’re selling physical products you can use drop-shipping to automate the fulfilment and shipping of your products so you never have to handle products. The drop-ship company will handle the invoicing, payment and shipping of the product. All you do is promote the product to the customer.

I’m a big fan of small niche sites that you set-up and forget. They won’t make you rich but you can create as many small niche sites as you like and multiply your income. A niche site will focus on solving one problem for a specific market, such as weight loss, clicker training for dogs, caring for betta fish, or getting rid of acne.

Good business ideas are all around. Start looking at the possibilities everywhere you go. See what the hot topics are in magazines and papers, listen to what people are talking about (or complaining that they are missing) and get started with your own home business today.

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  1. Mary
    3 years ago

    Great list here. There are tons of business ideas out there but there’s a key to success – hard work and determination. No matter which field you are in, stay focused and work hard to towards your goal!

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