Is Blogging The Best Home Based Business For Women?

If you’re looking for a way to make money at home and thinking of starting a home based business, then blogging should be high on your list for consideration.

Blogging is fun, easy, low risk and quick to start, although it is not a get rich quick scheme. You won’t make money from your blog until you have a loyal following of readers, and that can take months or years to build up. The benefits are worth it though and you can start to make money as get started or perhaps run a couple of niche sites to generate some cashflow as you build your brand and your blog.

While niche sites may be better for making quick easy money at home they don’t have the earning potential of a successful blog, especially a well thought out online business. Typical niche sites generate in the region of $100-$500 a month, a great passive income, especially if you have multiple sites up and running, but you won’t be a millionaire any time soon.

With a blog you have various ways to make money – “monetize your blog” – and to build your personal or business brand.  Your brand is a major asset to be leveraged and that is where the money is. Instead of dabbling with small niche sites promoting affiliate products (which are a great way to get started making money online though), you can blog your way to a very lucrative home based business.

So, let’s dig down a bit and look at the realities of earning a living from a blog. It is possible, but a blog is not a business.

To succeed you need to build a business around your blog. Your blog is a way to build a strong relationship with your readers, and to keep your website fresh and relevant. It’s your unique vehicle to communicate with your readers (sometimes called a tribe, village or community).

If you want to build a business around your blog you need to develop and execute a plan as you would with any business.

So what is the best business model for your blog?

The concept of a blog per se is not new. In fact, there are thousands of blogs covering every conceivable topic. But it’s the process of speaking to your readers regularly that builds loyalty and trust, which in turn enables you to sell advertising, products or services to your market.

A business model that is becoming more common and popular nowadays is the “this is how I did it” blog. Providing real life updates and income reports, it’s a warts and all approach which is very refreshing. The blogger’s successes and challenges are shared with the group who respond with questions and comments, and there seems to be a growing comradeship with other bloggers.

Everyone has a unique niche and style – and more importantly – angle to their blog so it’s important you find your niche and angle and build your business around that. Always keep your target reader and your core message in mind and ask yourself “does this post support the mission and goals of my blog?”

This move to transparency in online marketing is very  much to be applauded as you know you are learning from, and mixing with, genuine people making money online, not just the so called gurus who make money teaching who to make money online!

Once you’ve built a good rapport with your readers (whether you have a select readership or a massive list) you can reveal the tools and products you’ve used in your business and use an affiliate link to make a royalty on this sale. This is very different to blogging with the sole purpose of getting as many quick sales as possible. With a loyal readership that you’ve built up you are liked and trusted and people will want to use the resources you recommend.

The law of reciprocity means that as you provide good value to your readers, they will want you to benefit from their purchase, and especially as it doesn’t cost them anything extra.

The ultimate way to make money is to find out what your readers really want or need, and then produce products that meet that need. This can be anything from a $1 “how to” guide to a $47 ebook, training course, videos or membership site.

So, in summary, is blogging a good home business for women? Definitely, just make sure you have a plan in place before you start.

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