Pat Flynn’s Secret To Success Online

If you don’t know Pat Flynn, I’d highly recommend you visit his awesome (his word, but very apt!) site, Smart Passive Income. It’s full of invaluable information and Pat has a lovely, relaxed style that’s easy to read and very inspiring.

One of the best things about Pat’s site is that he openly shares his monthly income and the journey he’s been on to get to the level of success he’s now enjoying ($30kpcm passive income from his site and increasing month on month!).

How would you like to turn your annual salary into your monthly income from a website? Yes, me too please!

A Major Goal For Women’s Way To Wealth

When I get Pat’s newsletter in my inbox I always open it up eagerly – and that is one of my goals for Women’s Way To Wealth. To produce such valuable content that you, my loyal reader, eagerly opens it up, takes action, and shares it with your connections.

Advice From Pat Flynn

Pat’s latest newsletter has this advice: “This is why when people ask me what would I do if I had to start all over again, I say I wouldn’t change a thing – I’d start a blog and build a community around something I enjoy writing about”.

If this is Pat’s secret to success then we could do worse than to follow his example. The secret is creating a community of like-minded people, writing brilliantly, providing valuable content, being authentic and human, and enjoying what you do. Simple!

Of course, not everything will work for everyone – and we all have to carve out our own paths – but this is basic, sound advice that I’m following, and suggest you do too.

Start A Blog And Build A Community Around Something You Enjoy Writing About

So, do you already have a blog and need help building a community around it? Or are you thinking 2012 might be the year you start blogging?

Either way, stay tuned to updates on this site by entering your email in the ¬†box in the sidebar to the right and I’ll show you how.

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