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I’m excited to be presenting a FREE live webinar next week, where I’m going to show you how to easily create your own profitable online business providing a constant stream of passive income, USING THE PLR YOU HAVE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!

So many people have PLR (private label rights) products on their computers but aren’t sure how to use them, or don’t realise the potential best-selling products they could create with them.

So, what is PLR and how can you use it?

Private label rights products come with a license that allows you to use them as your own (a bit like Tesco or Walmart selling their own brand of baked beans. They haven’t manufactured the beans, but they have licensed the right to put their own brand on the tins and sell them as “Walmart/Tesco baked beans”). Perhaps Walmart don’t sell their own brand of beans but you get the picture!

Some basic uses of PLR include: 

  • Product creation – ebooks, video training, reports, libraries
  • Instant Content – articles, blog posts, reports, ebooks that you can use to enrich your site with content
  • Membership sites – using PLR content you can create a niche site for fishermen, bloggers, ballet dancers, kids learning to play the guitar…you name it!
  • Free gifts – use a PLR ebook or video as a freebie to encourage visitors to your site to opt-in to your mailing list
  • Affiliate Marketing – get your product to go viral by getting affiliates to market for you
  • Bundle related products together to create a valuable package you can offer as a One Time Offer or Upsell

And there are many more. The list is endless.

I’ve recently partnered with Mark Nathwani and am now running his 1,500,000 product PLR Library, GenieDream. This is a vast treasure chest of products and opportunity, across all media and in over 700 niches.

But, the value isn’t in the range of products (although that’s amazing). It’s in how you use this amazing resource. So tune in to my webinar next week and I’ll show you!

Reserve Your Seat Now

During this free live webinar you’ll discover:

  • How you can exploit the power of Private Label Content to build a profitable online business
  • Cutting edge ways to use Private Label Content for maximum profits
  • How To Create “gold standard” information products – dirt cheap – using a step-by-step process that will cut down your costs by 90%, yet triple the quality…
  • Ways To Automate this entire process so it’s a true set-and-forget automated income stream that runs 24/7…

This powerful formula isn’t just for the “big” boys of internet marketing any more.

Get The Right Education From The Start And The Profits Will Follow

Click Here To Register for the Webinar

The webinar will be held on Tuesday 8th May 2012 @ 8pm BST

Click Here To Register for the Webinar

See you on the call, we’re going to have a blast!

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