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Hi Cassie,
I visit your website constantly. There’s a wealth of very useful information that I find to help me now that I’ve started my home business. I have just finished reading ‘Blog Your Way to Wealth’, I know its very short but I couldn’t put it down until I read all of it – great stuff!
Keep up the great work you’re doing. J Thompson , London

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Monetize Your Blog – Adding A PayPal Button (video)

If making money online or monetizing your blog is your goal (and who doesn’t want to make money!) you need a way to process payments. Adding a PayPal button is one way to collect payments. The short video in this blog post shows you how.

Interviews With Successful Entrepreneurs & Online Marketers (MP3’s)

Rob Cornish (Gain Higher Ground) – Find out how Rob made over $280,000 in his first year online

Corinna X (Twitter domination) – How to make a living on Twitter

Marie-Claire Carlyle (How To Be A Money Magnet) – How To Be A Money Magnet & Stop Sabotaging Your Financial Success

Antonia Chitty (ACE Inspire training and Become A Mumpreneur) – How To Be An ACE WAHM (Work At Home Mum)

Erica Douglas (ACE Inspire) – How To Be A World-Class Blogger

Lavinia Osbourne – Queen of Financial Empowerment

Deena Honey – Property Investor and Human Dynamo – If you think you’ve got a reason not to be successful, think again!

Vicki Wusche – The Property Mermaid and author/speaker/expert on using OPM (Other People’s Money) to purchase investment property

Reena Malra – The Queen of “Options”

Sarah Staar – Learn how to make $350 a day online from one of the leading lights of UK internet marketing

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